MUSES OF TERRA – Codex Antonius Book II

“You can’t outrun your responsibilities. They’ll catch you and tackle you to the ground.”

Marcus Antonius Cordus thought he left his past behind when he escaped Terra six years ago. All he wants is to explore the universe with his mercenary friends and stay far away from Roman politics.

But the unseen alien Muses have different plans. Cordus begins to see ghosts from the past and hears voices when no one is near. Like his Antonii ancestors, he fears his mind is slipping. If he loses control, he will become a slave to Muse plans to dominate humanity. Or worse: banishment from the mercenary family who loved him when no one else would.

So when a new Muse strain invades Roman space, Cordus must choose between the freedom he’s always wanted and stopping the apocalypse that he was born to prevent.

MUSES OF TERRA is book two of the Codex Antonius and sequel to the exciting sci-fi/alternate history novel MUSES OF ROMA.