“Sometimes the best consuls don’t want to be consul.”

Having saved Terra from annihilation, Marcus Antonius Cordus is awarded something he fought his whole life to avoid: Consulship of the Roman Republic.

His only joy comes from his secret relationship with his Praetorian Prefect, Aquilina Servilia, the woman who coaxed him out of hiding to save Terra. But her quest for vengeance on the factions that murdered her mother could prompt another Roman civil war.

So when he learns the alien Muses are now influencing the Zhonguo Sphere’s emperor, Cordus jumps at the chance to leave the viper pit of Roman politics. Faced with imminent invasion, he leads a team of Praetorians, rogues, and Zhonguo defectors to the Muse homeworld to destroy the Muse strains once and for all.

But the Muses have plans of their own, and their carefully laid traps ensnare Cordus at every turn. Can he save the Republic when the Muses force him to choose between his duty as Consul, his loyalty to his friends, and his love for Aquilina?

MUSES OF THE REPUBLIC is the exciting sequel to the sci-fi/alternate history MUSES OF TERRA and the final chapter in the Codex Antonius series.