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MUSES OF ROMA – Codex Antonius Book I

All starways lead to Roma…

Marcus Antonius Primus began a golden age for humanity when he liberated Roma from Octavian Caesar and became sole Consul. With wisdom from the gods, future Antonii Consuls conquered the world and spawned an interstellar civilization.

It’s three weeks before the millennial anniversary of the Antonii Ascension. Kaeso Aemelius, star freighter captain and a blacklisted spy from a Roman rival world, misses his lone-wolf espionage days. So when his former prefect asks him to help a Roman official defect, Kaeso sees it as a way back into his old agency. But can Kaeso protect his crew of outcasts from unseen forces who would lay waste to entire worlds to stop the defector from revealing a civilization-shattering truth?

An exciting start to a series for fans of space opera and Roman alternate history.

MUSES OF TERRA – Codex Antonius Book II

“You can’t outrun your responsibilities. They’ll catch you and tackle you to the ground.”

Marcus Antonius Cordus thought he left his past behind when he escaped Terra six years ago. All he wants is to explore the universe with his mercenary friends and stay far away from Roman politics.

But the unseen alien Muses have different plans. Cordus begins to see ghosts from the past and hears voices when no one is near. Like his Antonii ancestors, he fears his mind is slipping. If he loses control, he will become a slave to Muse plans to dominate humanity. Or worse: banishment from the mercenary family who loved him when no one else would.

So when a new Muse strain invades Roman space, Cordus must choose between the freedom he’s always wanted and stopping the apocalypse that he was born to prevent.

MUSES OF TERRA is book two of the Codex Antonius and sequel to the exciting sci-fi/alternate history novel MUSES OF ROMA.


“Sometimes the best consuls don’t want to be consul.”

Having saved Terra from annihilation, Marcus Antonius Cordus is awarded something he fought his whole life to avoid: Consulship of the Roman Republic.

His only joy comes from his secret relationship with his Praetorian Prefect, Aquilina Servilia, the woman who coaxed him out of hiding to save Terra. But her quest for vengeance on the factions that murdered her mother could prompt another Roman civil war.

So when he learns the alien Muses are now influencing the Zhonguo Sphere’s emperor, Cordus jumps at the chance to leave the viper pit of Roman politics. Faced with imminent invasion, he leads a team of Praetorians, rogues, and Zhonguo defectors to the Muse homeworld to destroy the Muse strains once and for all.

But the Muses have plans of their own, and their carefully laid traps ensnare Cordus at every turn. Can he save the Republic when the Muses force him to choose between his duty as Consul, his loyalty to his friends, and his love for Aquilina?

MUSES OF THE REPUBLIC is the exciting sequel to the sci-fi/alternate history MUSES OF TERRA and the final chapter in the Codex Antonius series.

CODEX ANTONIUS – 3-in-1 Ebook

In an alternate universe where Rome spawned a galactic empire, a misfit crew fights to free humanity from a ruthless alien intelligence. Now you can get all three volumes in the Codex Antonius series (MUSES OF ROMA, MUSES OF TERRA, and MUSES OF THE REPUBLIC) in one low-priced ebook.