Remington Blakes, a magus from an alternate 21st century where magic powers the world, has a big problem. His former mentor, William Pingree Ford, stranded him in ancient Rome without a memory as to how or why. Well a guy has to eat, so he takes on the name “Natta Magus”, which means something like “Artisanal Wizard” in Latin, and ekes out a living as a magus-for-hire among Rome’s plebeians.

As Rome’s only practicing magus, Natta’s adventures take him from the Eternal City’s brutal arenas to the wilds of Germania to a diminished Carthage. All the while he searches for a way back home to the 21st century.

Now you can get all four volumes in the complete Journals of Natta Magus series (CITIZEN MAGUS, SHADOW MAGUS, WOUNDED MAGUS, and NATTA MAGUS) in one low-priced ebook.